Nothing beats the taste of a freshly made artisan ice cream. Our Gelatos are made using contemporary techniques that cannot be replicated on the high street, using only fresh and natural ingredients that contain no NASTIES.

Fat free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free options are available


 Rich and dark chocolate supplied from the one of Turin’s finest Chocolatiers made into the creamiest Gelato. The best you will ever taste.

Cherries and Custard

Huge amounts of delicious Cherries swirled into a magnificent creamy custard ice cream make this an old favourite and a new gelato on the block, all at he same time.

Strawberry & Cream

Made with a 100% fresh Strawberries and Cream has made this a summertime favourite that has had to be introduced all year round . . . . . Game, Set and Match.


A classic dessert expertly delivered in a Gelato, coffee-flavoured dipped ladyfingers that have been crushed to create this exceptional Italian dessert.

Madagascan Vanilla

Rich White Gelato speckled with Madagascan vanilla pods, definitely no ordinary vanilla.


Sweet, refreshing and fruity. We use the whole Pineapple so watch out for chunky bits of goodness throughout this Ice Cream