Hand-spun Cakeshakes made with the same love, care and attention to detail lavished on our cakes. These “slap yo Momma” shakes will have you reaching again and again for your wallet or purse. 


Red Velvet Cakeshake

Piece of Velvets famous red velvet cake combined with its red velvet ice cream transform the traditional milkshake into a red velvet lover's dream. This indulgent and brilliantly hued recipe is perfect for any day of the week. Add additional toppings to the whip cream to create an even more interesting milkshake.


Red Velvet Oreo Cakeshake

Any offering that includes Oreo’s or Red Velvet at Piece of velvet is NO doubt delicious so we have now decided to bring the two together for another explosion of flavor in the form of this opulent shake. Crushed Oreos, chocolate sauce, scoops of Oreo Red Velvet cake complimented by scoops of cookies and cream Ice cream and finished with chocolate drenched whipped cream.


Blue Velvet Cakeshake

The Blue Velvet Milkshake is a smooth and creamy concoction of the richest vanilla ice cream, scoops of Blue velvet cake swirled in white chocolate sauce and topped up with whipped cream and finished with lashings of white chocolate sauce.


Banana Pudding Cakeshake

There’s no shame in crying tears of joy – a genius finally made a creamy banana pudding-flavored Cakeshake, scoops of velvet cake, deep and creamy Vanilla bean ice cream combined with the Piece of Velvet’s famous banana pudding, add whip cream, dust with nutmeg to create this absolute traffic stopper!


Birthday Cake Cakeshake

If it’s your birthday or Not!! This is one treat that you cannot pass up on. Birthday ice cream hand blended with scoops and scoops of Birthday Velvet cake then married by Piece of Velvets very own Minister with rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream, hmmmmmmm!


Vanilla Velvet Cakeshake

More vanilla-tasting than any Vanilla “Cakeshake” you’ve ever tasted due to the combination of the Vanilla Velvet cake and the sheer depth of flavor of the Ice Cream used. This staple has been reinvented with the choice of sauces used to accompany this one off treat.