This is the signature "piece of velvet" and is where it all began.  Cream cheese frosting sandwiched between sumptuous layers of red velvet cake and smothered in delicious vanilla frosting.

red velvet pecan

Traditional favorite enhanced by the addition of crushed pecans to the red velvet layers and delectably creamy vanilla frosting.  


vanilla velvet

Velvet smooth vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting, that brings together a delicious vanilla on vanilla treat covered in frosting. One piece of this white brilliance, is never enough.

red velvet oreo

The red velvet Oreo slice is a modern twist on a classic. Red velvet layers consumed by a icing that has crushed Oreos marinated in buttermilk them combined with the signature Piece of Velvet cream cheese frosting and finished with chocolate chips.

blue velvet

The bakers at “Piece of Velvet” are particularly fond of this cake, it is a blend of white chocolate and vanilla smothered in cream cheese frosting and finish with crushed pecans to enrich the flavor.



Shredded carrot blended before being added to a velvet mixture that has been spiced, then raisins and other secret ingredients added. To complete this new take on an old classic, walnuts and cream cheese finish Grandma’s favorite. 

Coconut Velvet 

Piece of Velvet brings you a taste of the Caribbean offering our moist coconut velvet cake saturated with real coconut oil and shavings throughout, finished with the obligatory signature frosting. Transporting you directly to the shores of Jamaica.

Blueberry Vanilla Velvet 

Blackberry puree added to a rich vanilla velvet base infusing each layer with deep long lasting flavor, find between each layer fresh crushed blueberry fruit combined with the signature vanilla frosting to complete a fruity seasonal enchantment.

pineapple velvet

A vibrant yellow velvet cake flavored with vanilla and fresh chunks of pineapple for the filling, topped with the famous “Piece of Velvet” cream cheese frosting to deliver this taste of the tropic’s.

Pina Colada  

The taste of the Caribbean has been extended by combining pineapple and coconut. This super moist offering is simply mouth watering and is a fantastic example of what a fruit cake should be. While the pineapple aids moisture on the vanilla velvet base the coconut shavings adds the texture.

Strawberry Vanilla Velvet   

Vanilla velvet cake infused with strawberry preserve prior to baking, ensuring richness of flavor and texture of the cake. Complimented by the introduction of real strawberry fruit between each layer and Vanilla frosting to close the deal!


Triple Chocolate Fudge Velvet 

Using Hershey’s chocolate fudge syrup Piece of velvet have created a chocolate lovers delight. Moist melt in the mouth chocolate velvet cake, signature cream cheese frosting with deep fudge highlights and milk chocolate sprinkles.  Nothing more to say, except how many would you like?

MIDNIGHT Chocolate Velvet  

Rich deep triple chocolate threat. The midnight chocolate velvet cake combined with chocolate cream cheese frosting and finished with chocolate chips. This cake has to be one of the all time favorite “Piece of Velvet” slices, ever sold.

Chocolate Vanilla Velvet 

Incorporate chocolate with vanilla on any level, and you have a partnership that is timeless. However, when Piece of Velvet uses all of its resources to make a cake with these flavors then you have a baking masterpiece. 


Bailey's Irish Cream Velvet  

Caramel syrup baked into every layer to create a velvet base for a consolidated Baileys Irish cream, Hennessey cream cheese frosting. The number one selling “alcohol slice” at Piece of Velvet for good reason. 

strawberry bourb.jpg

Strawberry Bourbon

Similar to the strawberry vanilla velvet, Strawberry Bourbon is a vanilla based cake topped with strawberry flavored frosting, with a subtle hint of Hennessy.  

Vodka Coconut Velvet  

Already offering moist coconut velvet cake saturated with real coconut oil. Piece of Velvet have surpassed themselves by soaking real coconut shavings in “Ciroc” vodka via a 3-day process and adding this to an already beloved original.

Praline Honey Bourbon Velvet  

Using Jack Daniels as a key ingredient to enhance and bring full bodied flavor to this delicious offering, Piece of Velvet have surpassed even their own expectations. Pecans soaked in a sweet honey whiskey syrup and smothered between each Vanilla Velvet layer, no more to be said.


Blueberry Bourbon

This is the "Blueberry Hennessy." Made with real crushed blueberry that have been marinated in Hennessy cognac for 24 hours and finished with smooth baby blue vanilla frosting.