Alcohol Ice Cream

Piece of Velvet introduces Cheers luxury alcoholic ice creams that bring your favourite cocktails to a new, cooler form. With the same alcoholic content and all natural, fresh ingredients of a real to life cocktail.

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Pornstar Martini Ice Cream

A sweet 5% ABV

Add some passion to your life with our Pornstar Martini made with pure shots passion fruit vodka and premium Prosecco. Our sexiest flavour will be sure to light up your world!

Toffee Vodka Ice Cream

A buzzing 5.8% ABV

Introducing Toffee Vodka made with Thunder Toffee Vodka. A favourite with 5.8% ABV – but dint let the strength fool you! Every spoonful is more delicious than the last.

Chocolate Expresso Martini

A mesmerising 6.9% ABV

Indulge yourself with this impeccable cocktail. Chocolate Espresso Martini has the perfect, rich blend of organic chocolate and espresso. This blended together with lavish premium vanilla vodka and coffee liqueur makes it totally irresistible. With 6.9% ABV you’re sure to be feeling great!


A refreshing 8.4% ABV

The classic Mojitp contains the delicious freshness of organic limes, mint and a generous serving of premium white rum, resulting in a punchy 8.4% ABV

Strawberry Daiquiri

A tasty 7.9% ABV

Satisfy your taste buds with our refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri. Made with organic strawberries mixed with light, clean and crisp premium white rum – let this 7.9% ABV take you on an unforgettable journey!