• If there were 10 stars available for this rating it wouldn't be enough. Every cake I've had so far has been a slice of velvet delight!
    — DeBorahLenette (Grubhub Customer)
  • The inside is moist and the cream frosting has just the right amount of thickness and sweetness that I find irresistible.
    — Dee H. (Yelp)
  • I don't even like red velvet but when I held that cupcake in my hand....It was so moist I thought it would melt - I knew everything had changed.
    — Arleen A. (Yelp)





Feature Creations

Porn Star Martini Ice Cream

 A sweet 5% ABV

Add some passion to your life with our Pornstar Martini made with pure shots passion fruit vodka and premium Prosecco. Our sexiest flavour will be sure to light up your world!

RED VELVET Oreo cakeshake

Any offering that includes Oreo’s or Red Velvet at Piece of velvet is NO doubt delicious so we have now decided to bring the two together for another explosion of flavour in the form of this opulent shake. Crushed Oreos, chocolate sauce, scoops of Oreo Red Velvet cake complimented by scoops of cookies and cream Ice cream and finished with chocolate drenched whipped cream.

Sweet Chili Pork Sandwich

Pulled and chopped pork on sliced Red Velvet Brioche, drizzled Sweet Chili Sauce and melted English Cheddar with Mixed leaf garnish

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